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Here you can find information about who has the anniversary, birthdays, and our young people it has just done their apprenticeship exams.

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Smoking and alcohol

Smoking Policy
As in all public buildings, etc. it is at Chris Jensen A/S not allowed to smoke anywhere indoors, in lunch room, meeting rooms, toilets and bathrooms, and finally then in company cars.

It may be accepted that smokers hold a cigarette break outdoors. It is recommended that where appropriate, this happens on a individual scale as group formation is to be avoided.

Alcohol Policy
When we in everyday life are working with potentially dangerous machinery at work, it is decided that it is not permissible for employees of Chris Jensen A/S consume beer, liquor or other alcoholic beverages during working hours.

If an employee gives attendance at work in a state of appreciable influence of alcohol, will the employee be dismissed at work without payment for this day.

According to the company’s Quality Manual, Section 9 an employee, when he or she is directed to work on a customer’s address – respect the customer working and safety rules, including rules about alcohol consumption.

A Chris Jensen employee shall not perform work at a customer if he/she previously – for whatever reason – may have consumed alcohol.