Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply to – Chris Jensen A/S, and Chris Jensen Kalundborg K/S

These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) apply to all deliveries by CHRIS JENSEN A/S (hereinafter referred to as CJ), unless otherwise agreed in writing and accepted by the CJ. In the event of controversies between the conditions and the buyer’s terms of trade of any kind violate the terms of force rather than the buyer’s trading.

A written offer from CJ will – unless otherwise agreed in writing – be valid for 30 days from the date of offer. Buyer’s written acceptance of CJ’s offers should be CJ received before the acceptance deadline. Price Estimates given by the CJ is only indicative and not binding on CJ, no matter how much the final price may deviate from the price estimate.

When placing orders for CJ’s buyer responsible for ensuring that the order is a specification of the buyer’s needs, wants and technical requirements. CJ reserves the right, without notice, to make changes at CJ’s range of products and services. All technical specifications given by the CJ is subject to such changes.

Agreed prices exclude the then-current value added tax, other taxes and any imposed special taxes. CJ reserves the right without notice to raise prices as a result of external increase, including – but not limited to – rise in commodity prices, taxes and
taxes, as CJ has no possibility to influence. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all CJ’s Rates for delivery ex. factory.

CJ is not responsible for whether a delivery to the buyer suitable for its intended use, and CJ can never be responsible for the delivery functionality. Nor is CJ responsible for the design and / or advice to the buyer unless separately entered into a written agreement for such a design / consulting.

Unless expressly and in writing by agreement CJ’s payment 20 days net cash. In case of delayed payment, a fee of £ 100.00 per. sent a reminder letter. Also, there will be attributed to interest at 1.5% per year. month started. When paying by due to
interest and penalty charges being leveled first.

All deliveries shall take place ex works (Incoterms 2000), unless otherwise expressly and agreed in writing. CJ’s risk of a delivery end, so when the delivery is handed over to the foreign carrier or other carrier for onward transportation to the buyer.

When storing the buyer items on CJ’s stock or CJ’s application of buyer’s tools as a result of CJ’s or CJ’s supplier’s possession / custody, the buyer shall of its own motion to take out appropriate insurance for these respectively. topics and tools that will not be covered by insurance CJ’s.

The agreed delivery shown in CJ’s offers and / or order confirmation. Although the agreed delivery time is exceeded, the buyer has no right to cancel the agreement, unless the agreed delivery date is exceeded by more than 30 days. Such waiver is buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy and must be in writing. Buyer shall not be any claims against CJ as a result of delay or non-delivery.

Buyer shall promptly after receipt of the delivery to make the necessary checks to determine whether the delivery is in accordance with the agreement. Any claims relating to the delivery must be done in writing and immediately after discovery of the defect, but within 5 working days of receipt of the delivery. Late claim the customer loses the right to a repair / replacement.

If the buyer valid for visible damage and / or missing parcel, the buyer upon receipt of delivery provide the waybill statement to that effect with the transporter. If this is not done, the customer loses all powers in relation to missing.

If there is a shortage and/or damage during the delivery, which can be attributed to CJ, CJ is always entitled to free themselves from responsibility by replacing. If the replacement takes place within 30 days after the buyer’s complaint, the buyer can not make further claims against the CJ. If CJ is not able to replace them, the buyer is entitled to credit the amount invoiced.

CJ is under no circumstances be liable for loss of time, profit or other indirect losses. CJ can not be held responsible for the functionality of a customer designed and drawn topic / plants. CJ’s liability can never exceed the given order’s monetary value.

CJ is not liable for failure to meet delivery obligations if the ratio is due to circumstances that CJ has no control.

Force majeure including the following factors: natural disasters, war, civil unrest, mobilization, lack of raw material supplies, lack of transportation, import and / or export, currency restrictions, shortage of labor or any other event which prevents or impedes the normal production time strike , lockout, fire or damage to CJ’s production equipment / -Property. Force majeure at one of CJ assumed subcontractor in the relationship between buyer and CJ limitation of liability consequence, as if the force majeure occurred in CJ himself. In case of force majeure CJ freely choose to cancel the contract or any part thereof, or deliver when the force majeure has lapsed.

Have CJ accepted that a consignment is deficient happens return of this delivery for CJ’s expense, provided that the buyer meets CJ’s guidance on packaging and shipping. Any return of a delivery from CJ must always be agreed in writing with CJ. If such return is not writing agreement lapses CJ’s obliged to pay for it. Returns must be returned to the CJ in original and undamaged packaging. In the event that the original packaging is destroyed or damaged, it is the buyer’s responsibility to provide proper packaging and packing.

Product liability is adjusted according to NL92, paragraph 36, except that the relationship between the buyer and CJ pursuant to paragraph 36, last sentence shall be determined under paragraph 15 of the rules. CJ’s liability for property damage can never exceed the given order’s monetary value.

Any disputes between the parties shall be settled by the Danish courts, the court of Soro first instance. This agreement is subject to Danish law.

International Sales Law no. 733 of 7 December 1989, shall not be binding on the parties.

The conditions are otherwise prior to the mandatory provisions of national and international law, including – but not limited to – the Danish Sale of Goods Act.

Chris Jensen A/S – 22 February 2012.